Overnight Blood Glucose Levels in Teens

We all know that hormones play havoc to overnight blood glucose levels in Teens with Type 1 Diabetes. We’ve just come through a particularly tough week, trying to work out what changes are needed to get better numbers overnight. We use the freestyle libre┬áso we can see what blood glucose levels are actually doing between checks. The data is always fascinating. ┬áHere I demonstrate an example of how erratic blood glucose levels can be in Teens overnight with a graph from the last few days hour by hour.

After plotting on a spreadsheet the Libre reading for every hour overnight between 9 pm and 6 am. I produced a graph and it demonstrates perfectly just how erratic levels really are, which is a major challenge when you are trying your best to achieve a perfect HBA1C. I check every night at 11 pm, 1 am and 3 am. So any numbers that are falling after highs are solely achieved though overnight corrections. Take a look at the graph below, it’s apparent that more basal is needed (for now) but also demonstrates how some nights you can see a spike at the same time as on another night you see a hypo.



Overnight Blood Glucose Levels in a Teen with Type 1 Diabetes Graph

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