How To Remove The Omnipod Painlessly

Removing the Omnipod can be a painful experience for Children. The adhesive really does stick hard to their skin. However it is possible to remove it painlessly.

Whilst we had been advised to use baby oil that never worked for us.

Fortunately there are adhesive remover sprays that are readily available to buy on the internet.

We’ve tried and tested a few products. Here are our recommendations on what we think are the best adhesive removers for Omnipod:-


Tape Off Adhesive Remover

We’ve tried quite a few different sprays to remove the Omnipod adhesive and this is the one we go back to time and time again. It’s odourless which is a good thing for us as some of the adhesive removers just smell awful. It’s also an Alcohol Free formula making it kinder to our Children’s skin. It says it’s also moisturizing but I can’t say I’ve noticed it. When we remove the Pod using Tape Off there is no sticky residue left on the skin at all. With lesser products we’ve been left with black sticky marks. It’s designed to remove sports tape but it works wonders on the Omnipod.

Price for a 100ml can is £9.99. Available to buy from Amazon.

Other products that we’ve used that also do a great job are Peel-Easy Medical Adhesive Remover and Appeel Medical Adhesive Remover however these products are only sold in 50ml cans and are more expensive to buy.

If you are about to start with the Omnipod Insulin Pump  I recommend you order one of these sprays in advance. It can be a scary time for a child to start a new insulin management system and you don’t want anything to put them off at the first hurdle.

If you’ve just started wearing the Omnipod and don’t have time to order an adhesive remover online many Pharmacies now stock the Zoff Adhesive Remover Wipes we’ve found them less effective than the sprays but they will do the job in an emergency.

Some people are fortunate enough to get adhesive remover on prescription from their GP so it might be worth a conversation.

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