New Animas Insulin Pump 2016

Details are fast emerging around the web, regarding a new Animas Insulin pump, and it sounds amazing.

Technology is moving fast in the world of insulin pumps, until now the Medtronic 640g had the cutting edge with new technology, when used in conjunction with Medtronic’s CGM system, it’s low glucose suspend feature was a selling point for many parents when choosing a pump, hoping to reduce the number of a hypo’s their child would have.

However Animas are looking to go one step further.

The current model of the Animas Vibe pump has integrated CGM using the Dexcom G4 sensors. Animas are looking to launch a pump using a brand new algorithm called HHM, which stands for Hypoglycemic-Hyperglycemic Minimizer. Essentially the new algorithm will put this pump one step closer to a closed loop system. The HHM technology will predict high and low glucose events, and can increase and decrease insulin automatically as required to minimize the risk of a hypo and to help keep blood glucose levels in range and from going to high. Amazing huh?

It’s unclear at this stage if the next Animas pump will feature the full capabilities of the HHM technology or if the next pump will just be an improvement on the current Animas Vibe pump perhaps with the facility of Hypo Minimizer technology, prior to the launch of the full Hypo/Hyper Minimizer on a future pump. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement to find out what the full benefits will be of the next gen pump.

I’m sure many of us look forward to the day that the HHM algorithm is available whether that is on the next Animas Vibe pump or one further down the line.

I’m unsure at this stage weather the pump will still use the Dexcom G4 sensors or whether users will be able to use the new Dexcom G5 system.

There have been no dates announced so far for it’s launch in the UK, it looks like Swedish customers will be first to get their hands on this revolutionary kit, though some sources are expecting a new Animas Insulin at some point in 2016. Unfortunately I’ve no images or any further details at this time.

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More info here and here

Original details on the HHM European Endocrinology, 2016;12(1):18–23 DOI:

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